Failure Analysis

“Anything that can possibly go wrong, does.”

[ Murphy's law ]

77K provides sophisticated approaches and methods to analyse and detect failure modes and their effects. 77K develops the avoidance concepts & deploys the necessary implementations.

Apps, Applications & Appliances

We code Apps for almost all platforms. 77K delivers Appliances for many different sectors of industry.

Science & Measurement

Complex measurement rigs are our favourite. We help you fiddling out the nasty details or deliver a turn-key setup. Our current main focus lies on atomic physics and quantum computing.


“You bricked it, we'll fix it”

Yes, we do repairs. Even if your system looks totally f*cked up, we probably can recover some of your valuable data.


“Old but gold”

77K develops hardware and software solutions for retrofitting purposes, keeping mature systems up & running or modernizing them to fulfill changed needs.


77K designs & implements applications & tools for industrial robots. We also migrate established applications between different robot controller architectures and kinematics from various vendors with reduction of cycle time in mind.


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Office Brunswick


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Lab & Workshop


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